What Is Personal Law? What You Need To Know

Personal law is a practice area of the law that allows a person to get remedy for losses caused by an accident, carelessness or intentional conduct by another person. If you have been in an accident where you were hit by a driving vehicle that ran a red light, you have the right to file personal damages against the person behind the wheel.

You should know, though, that personal law is civil law, which means that the person being sued cannot be imprisoned and can only be punished with fines. Compare this with criminal law where a defendant could be imprisoned, be made to pay fines, and/or do community service.

Most personal law cases are covered by negligence laws, which dictate the level of responsibility a person has over others. For example, if a person is driving, he has responsibility over other drivers as well as obeying traffic laws. If he runs a stop sign and runs into another vehicle, he is judged negligent. He will then be held responsible for all the injuries that resulted from the accident.

Of course, it is up to the lawyer representing the victims to prove that the driver was being negligent.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury cases aren’t just covered by negligence laws, though. If someone became injured because of a defective product, in which case the injury will be covered by strict liability. In other situations, where a person’s intentional actions result in injuries, the personal injury claim can be file as an international tort case.

If you have suffered loss of income and other losses resulting from the actions of another person, you should file for a personal injury claim. However, because the law is complicated, you need to enlist the help of a Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane – Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane.

You can start by searching for “personal injury lawyer” plus the name of your local area in the search bar of Google. IF you live in a large city, don’t be surprised to find several lawyers you can choose from. But then here comes the question: Which one do you choose?

Well, we think it’s all a matter of experience. Whoever you choose must have experience in cases that are related to yours. If your injury stems from a vehicular accident, make sure that the lawyer you hire has experience in road accident personal injury cases. But not just general experience. We are talking about experience that has the other party paying a hefty sum for the lawyer’s clients.

The good thing about personal injury lawyers is that many of them work on a contingency basis, which means that they get nothing if you get nothing. Of course, because of the risk involved, they are usually very picky about the cases they represent.

You might feel you have a strong case but the lawyer you talk to may feel otherwise. In this case, you would be better off paying the hourly fees or the retainer. Who knows, you might get more than what you pay for.

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